Team Building workshops

What is a Sing in the City workshop?

They are a unique event that are fun, enjoyable and inclusive. 
They are organised and run by an experienced energetic team that will look after you.
Our Workshops can be for any number of people of any age and ability.

We can work with any size group small or large.

We can take any group and turn them into singers. With no previous experience they will be singing in 2, 3 or 4 part harmony in 45 minutes with dance. In 2 hours we can transform them into a performing group worthy of having an audience.

We have provided workshops for confidence building, mental health, fun and to be challenging. It takes people out of their comfort zones in a gentle persuasive way.

Hen Party performing their song
Hen Weekend workshop

What are the benefits of a workshop?

Your group will gain confidence as they learn to work with skills they didn’t know they had but if you just simply want to have a fun, energetic couple of hours where you have a laugh and pick up a few new skills along the way, then this is a workshop your team will enjoy.

Our emphasis is on building confidence, self belief, team building but this is all really well hidden in delivery of the workshop.  The main thing is that any group that comes to us has a brilliant fun day.

These days it’s a well know fact that singing promotes health and wellbeing. It’s time where stresses and worries leave your head just for that few hours you are in our company.

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  • ‘As a non-singer going into the session I have come out of it with a completely new perspective on the joys of singing in a choir’
  • ‘I love that Kirsty saw our potential very early on. Her team is very professional and follow Kirsty’s lead easily, just like a good jam band should’
  • ‘We walked in nervous and unsure quite what we’d signed up for and walked out singing in 4 part harmony with some excellent moves! The most enjoyable afternoon our team have had in a long time, haven’t stopped talking about it (or singing since). Sign up!’
  • ‘Absolutely amazing! I’ve been coming to UKCISA conferences since 2006 and this has been the high point of them all’ UKCISA
  • I had the best time doing the choir.  Kirsty is a fantastic leader and managed to transform us from a rabble into a fairly cohesive choir in record time. UKCISA
  • Great! I totally enjoyed the experience singing to an audience for the first time. The guidance, the enthusiasm the laughs, don’t change anything, what you do is inspiring. UKCISA
  • You guys rock !!!! UKCISA