Our Staff

Musical Directors

Annette Hanley on the left and Kirsty Baird on the right are the Musical Directors of Sing in the City but also singers, musicians and songwriters.  Singing and music are at the heart of every thing they have ever done all of their lives.  They bring their experience to every rehearsal, event and show they organise.

At rehearsals they also appreciate that the social and community aspect of singing is incredibly important.  We have a tea break at every rehearsal and it’s one of the most important parts of the night.  The girls work incredibly hard to make sure there are not only performance opportunities for members but also social events and very importantly charity events.

Our 2 Musical Directors

Performance is at the heart of what the girls do whether it’s with Sing in the City or Hanley and the Baird band. They are both passionate and dedicated to their job and consider themselves lucky to be doing what they do.

Management Team

This is our management team.  Carolyn who looks after our office and Elaine who is a coach and training manager.


At the moment all our coaches are members of the Sing in the City Aw Blacks choir and admins at rehearsals are members of one of the Sing in the City choirs.  We are always looking for inspiring team members to join us, so if you are looking for a new career with an encouraging motivated bunch, please apply via the form on the career page.

It is real family feeling at any of the choirs and the coacthes strive to be the best they can be for their choir and the choirs they coach at.

2018 Sing in the City first charity staff panto raising £1000 for Chas and Children 1st

To kick of 2018 and add another £1000 Sing in the City staff put on a charity pantomime. The proceeds went to CHAS andChildren 1st. All the tickets were sold out before we even had our first rehearsal and hugely supported by our Sing in the City members. Please see our Charity pages for more information.