COVID-19 / Coronavirus Update

As we are unable to rehearse in the normal way we have started Sing in the City zoom choir rehearsals. In the comfort and safety of your own home the Directors and coaches will roll run online choirs for their members and anyone wanting to join. 

We have full and part membership available at the moment.

We have 5 zoom rehearsals running on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (day and night) and we also have a FREE World Choir on every second Thursday at 20.00.  It’s free to everyone with no commitment to join.  People from America, France, the Scottish Islands and the Borders have taken part so far.

So until we can sing together, join us for a fun warm, welcoming rehearsal.

During quarantine

We have a zoom choir rehearsal on a Monday and Wednesday night from 19.00 till 20.00 and during the day from 10 till 11.  You will get an link for the rehearsal sent in an email, with the lyrics and also access to the website for all the recorded parts.  All that is included in our part member ship.  Full membership includes, Guitar, Art, Yoga, Pilates all on our main members page.  We can’t wait for all of us to return to a normal life but until we can do that we are trying to provide our members with as much support as possible.  

It’s time to take back some control from COVID19.  It’s taken too much of our time already.  Email us for more information.

After Quarantine

“You should find you have a similar experience no matter which of our choirs you visit.  All our coaches are members of our Sing in the City Aw Blacks choir (our only auditioned choir) and all our administrators are members of one of the other Sing in the City choirs.  So it really is a family affair.

There is no audition process, you just have to find your way to one of our rehearsal spaces and you will be taken care of for the rest of the night.  You will be introduced to the Sing in the City team and then to a couple of members who will look after you at the rehearsal.  They will share their lyric sheets with you, introduce you to other members and help you find your feet.

” We aim to provide a safe, warm, welcoming and inclusive rehearsal space  for members to sing at a level they choose”

We appreciate that different members join a choir for various reasons, health reasons, to make friends, to have a hobby, to sing, to perform.  It dosn’t matter why you join because we pride ourselves on providing something for everyone.  We put a lot of focus on community, social and charity and you have nothing to lose by taking a FREE trial night or morning with us.  We truly aim to be much ‘more than a choir’

Hopefully we have a choir in your area that rehearse at a time that suits you.  We have evening and daytime groups. Take a look at the map and see what we have near you and contact us