COVID-19 / Coronavirus Update

We now have a phased return to rehearsals back in rooms and making sure we are going live online for members who are not returning at the moment.

We are continuing with social distancing and mask wearing and other taking other precautions.

Fill in the contact box for more information.

Let’s get back to singing

We kept singing right through lockdown, we sang on line and kept everyone together and engaged with lots of new classes from drawing to painting, from guitar lessons to our book club.

Now it’s time to get back.  Our return will be staggered and we will do it slowly enough that our members feel confident safe and cared for.  We will adhere to all Government guidelines pre COVID19.

In phase one of our return the pins show you where the choirs are opening.  Please not some of these venues could be different.

We also go live at our choir rehearsals so that those who can’t attend the rehearsal either from ill health, holidays or work, will not miss anything as it will all be recorded and on our choir pages.

What is our ethos?

Prior to COVID19 we used to have 18 choirs and over 1000 members.  Once we have spoken to all our venues we will know which choir can open up again and when.  

There is no audition process unless you are interested in the Sing in the City Aw Blacks.  

” We aim to provide a safe, warm, welcoming and inclusive rehearsal space  for members to sing at a level they choose”

outdoor rehearsal 3We appreciate that different members join a choir for various reasons, health reasons, to make friends, to have a hobby, to sing, to perform.  It dosn’t matter why you join because we pride ourselves on providing something for everyone.  We put a lot of focus on community, social and charity and you have nothing to lose by taking a FREE trial night or morning with us.  We truly aim to be much ‘more than a choir’

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