COVID-19 / Coronavirus Update

As restrictions are starting to show signs of being lifted, at long last we have started to plan the Sing in the City route back to rehearsing.

We have learned a lot in the last year and some of the skills we have used we will continue with. We appreciate some people will be slower at returning to rehearsals than others so we will keep some form of online rehearsal.

We started outside rehearsals at the end of June and while we continue to have our online choirs, we are planning another outside rehearsal in Edinburgh and Fife at the end of July.

Fill in the contact box for more information.

During quarantine

We have a zoom choir rehearsal on a Monday and Wednesday night from 19.00 till 20.00 and during the day from 10 till 11.  You will get an link for the rehearsal sent in an email, with the lyrics and also access to the website for all the recorded parts.  All that is included in our part member ship.  

We also have a beginners zoom choir on a Thursday night from 19.00 till 20.00. 

It’s time to take back some control from COVID19.  It’s taken too much of our time already.  Email us for more information.

After Quarantine

Prior to COVID19 we used to have 18 choirs and over 1000 members.  Once we have spoken to all our venues we will know which choir can open up again and when.  

There is no audition process unless you are interested in the Sing in the City Aw Blacks.  

” We aim to provide a safe, warm, welcoming and inclusive rehearsal space  for members to sing at a level they choose”

We appreciate that different members join a choir for various reasons, health reasons, to make friends, to have a hobby, to sing, to perform.  It dosn’t matter why you join because we pride ourselves on providing something for everyone.  We put a lot of focus on community, social and charity and you have nothing to lose by taking a FREE trial night or morning with us.  We truly aim to be much ‘more than a choir’

Hopefully we have a choir in your area that rehearse at a time that suits you.  We have evening and daytime groups. Our map will show you where our choirs used to be and in the next few weeks we will have further information on which choirs can open contact us