Kirsty Baird - Managing Director

Now a days there are dozens of choirs that you could join and no doubt, if you join any of them the experience will be amazing and life changing.  Sing in the City is led by Kirsty Baird who has worked professionally in music since she was 17.  She has a good balance of professional working attitude and an understanding of why her members joined. Singing, music, performance and Sing in the City is her life and her ambition is to have as many people having new found confidence and belief in themselves as possible.  To be able to take part in life changing events and experience as many fantastic oportunities as possible.

Our ethos has never changed since day one.

“a safe warm welcoming rehearsal space for you to sing at a level you choose”

Over the years Kirsty realised that friendship, community and the social aspect of the choirs was more important to some members than the musicality side of things and Sing in the City has a the perfect balance so that everyone can find what they are looking for at rehearsals.

Friendship, social & community

” There are lots of   members struggled with stuff this year  and it would have been one hell of a lot more difficult without Sing in  the City ”

” When I was a little girl I dreamed I would get the chance to sing for real and in public”

” Terrific to be part of last night’s show. Choir is a time to forget about worries and just live in the moment ”

” Sing in the City has changed my life ”

“The singing and the music is important and it’s what has brought us all together but it’s the sense of community that we have all found that makes Sing in the City a strong, vibrant colourful group”