Hanley and the Baird and the Sing in the City Aw Blacks have played theatres and live music venues across Scotland and are a ‘force to be reckoned with’ performing fantastically arranged covers and original songs.

Kirsty Baird and Annette Hanley are the Directors and are established singer / songwriters and arrange songs to the highest of standards in their own imitable way and have done this for Nell Bryden, G4, Kirsten Adamson to name a few.

We have performed at many business and corporate events including Mimi’s, Edinburgh Zoo, Signet Library, Edinburgh Airport, National Galleries and Flashmobs are our speciality and have provided them for restaurants, corporate and proposals.

We also have almost 1000 members across 12 choirs who love to sing so are able to ‘go large’

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Hanley and the Baird are the Directors of Sing in the City and have also been gigging, performing musicians, singer songwriters and have decades of performing and gigging experience under their belts, you are in safe hands. Kirsty Baird won the Edinburgh Evening News Local Hero award two years in a row in the Music and Arts category. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and being able to supply you with a passionate, unique, fun performance that will stay in memories for years to come.

The band can perform as a duo or a full band with a whole catalogue of covers and original songs.

The first video is Follow the Rainbows written by Hanley and the Baird. It go to No.3 in the Scottish chart and No.27 in the UK download chart in April 2020.

The video below is the Sing in the City Aw Blacks working with Kyloe restaurant where we arranged a funeral flashmob for Kyloe the cow. The council had asked the restaurant to remove their huge cow from the side of their building. It was a ‘truly sad day’

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