Community Dream Pot


One of our group events some members took part in


Sing in the City is not a charity but we do have a Community Dreampot which runs along side Sing in the City. To date we have raised over £111,000 and donated to various charities. (Please see our charity page).  We will be starting FREE community singing groups this year so watch this space.

We collect money in various ways.  We collect at shows and then our Community Dreampot double it and we send that amount to charities chosen by our members.  We have cake bakes through the year, members donate money and it’s a regular to receive envelopes with left over cash from choir nights out.  The business and Kirsty donate money regularly and often gives away free tickets, merchandise and we give away free membership to allow people to get various certificates like Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

Members are encouraged to only donate if they choose to and then only an amount the can afford.  Everything we do is as a team so people only need to give a little which all adds up to a lot.

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