This is what we do best!

Kirsty and Annette have worked as Singer Songwriter musicians all their life and arranging and performing is what they do and what they do well.

What ever it is your event needs they can provide it.

A duo – Hanley & the Baird

A full band – Hanley & the Baird band / Sing in the City band

A small group of our Sing in the City Aw Blacks or full choir

Or 100s of singers from across all their choirs.

Which ever variation you require, you will work directly with the MD Kirsty Baird and make your event perfect.

What is the entertainment for?

  • Sporting event
  • Corporate event
  • Support Act
  • Charity event
  • Wedding
  • Collaberation

Or maybe Something Different, fill out the Hire Contact form with your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote.

This video is an original song by Annette Hanley called Glorious. It’s performed at the Edinburgh Festival  Theatre in 2018.