2 Shows at the Usher Hall 3000 audience members and 700 singers

The Usher Hall is always a pleasure to perform in but March 16th was epic with not one show but two.

We needed to place 350 people on the stage during the day with their audience and then do it all again for the night show. Both shows had audience members cheering for more and dancing to the set that ended with Yes Sir I can boogie, followed by our Mowtown medley put together by Annette Hanley and performed by Hanley and the Baird.

Kirsty Baird holding it all together with her usual energetic running, skipping, ‘liasing’ with audience members while trying not miss her cues on the keybaord, guitar and mouth organ.

Joining a choir can be completely life changing. Making friends, performing of fabulous stages singing great songs with a fantastic band, facing new challenges or just taking 2 hours out of the week for you. We all have stresses in our day to day lives, we may live with illness or care fore someone who is ill. You will always find common ground at Sing in the City and someone to help you through difficult days and laugh with during happy times. Get in touch and take a free trial day or night this week?

‘Went to the matinee at the Usher Hall Edinburgh yesterday and can only descirbe their show as superb. I left the show with a great feel good factor. Keep up the good work. You certainly brought joy to my wife and I. Congratulations to all involved

Alex (on Google)
Mr Haze by Texas performed at the Usher Hall March 16th Sing in the City, Hanley and the Baird

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