Hanley and the Baird New single out now. The Motorway Song

The Directors of Sing in the City Annette Hanley and Kirsty Baird were singer songwriters before the were choir leaders. Their first song went into the download charts at No. 27 on fanbase buying only.

They a very proud of this song and think it is one of their best songs they have written.

Our local commercial radio stations are not going to play this song, they are not allowed to. So it will be up to community stations up and down the country to play it and up to their fanbase to spread the word.

Music is very accessible these days. It’s available free on most streaming platforms but for an individual stream an artist gets paid .005p. So it would take 158 streams to make up one download.

Remember the days when you used to buy a record or download your favourite bands album? You can still do this if you have an iTunes or Amazon music account and you can stream it on Spotify.

Look out for Hanley and the Baird’s new album 2023. Make sure you follow the band on all of their social media and support the girls in their song writing career. Buy or stream the songs here iTunes Amazon Music Spotify