UKCISA singing workshop

I think most people possibly have zoom fatigue by now?

However, Sing in the City provide zooms that are like no other. UKCISA asked for a zoom choir workshop to end their conference. Now we had worked with them in 2018 when we provided them with a ‘conference choir’. We worked with them for a week to the point they were good enough to put a performance at the end of the conference. This was going to be different though. We only them for one hour.

So we warmed up with Don’t stop believing. No harmonies just encouraging the guys to sing and not feel self conscious. After all they were all muted on zoom and the could only hear themselves and the Directors Kirsty Baird and Annette Hanley and Elaine Dove one of our coaches.

After that we moved onto Venus the Banarama song. We rolled out the mainline, then the harmonies THEN we even got them dancing. It was a fun hour and any business looking for a singing workshop should come to Sing in the City first. Whether it is online or in person (when we are allowed). We have provided the NHS with many a singing workshop. So if the NHS love us, what more testimony do you need?

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