Sign the Chief Radio station petition to save the Scottish Chart

In July 2020 our Director Kirsty Baird started her own radio station.

One of the reasons Kirsty Baird set up Chief Radio was because she wanted a platform to feature and focus on the Scottish Chart. It seemed nobody was playing it. All the commercial stations in Scotland were playing the UK chart even though our Scottish one has been around since 1991.

Please sign our petition to reinstate the Scottish Chart

The Scottish chart was quirky because it was built on downloads and physical sales only it meant that the smaller lesser known signed or unsigned bands from all over the UK could chart. Yes it still featured Harry Styles and Dua Lipa but it was a proper mish mash of music we, in Scotland are listening to

Kirsty’s band Hanley and the Baird got to number 3 in the charts in April 2020 with their song Follow the Rainbows and that is what started this radio station’s journey. The excitement to be in the charts and the opportunity to help others realise that dream became real as Chief radio was born. At Chief radio we are proud to have supported many unsigned and some smaller bands from indie labels get airtime including Joshua Grant, Cameron Ledwidge and Jordan Murray to name but a few.

Sign our petition, it’s people that make the change

Every  Friday we at Chief Radio check the chart and we play it through a Scottish chart programme on Sunday and through the week our presenters play songs from this chart and tell everyone their chart position and who they are. 

All to support unsigned and unknown incredible talent and also play the songs that everyone expects to hear.

Our UNDERDOGZ show features unknown artists that are charting plus unknown  bands who have shared demos with us to give them airplay and support them. 

So, what happened to our Scottish chart? We don’t know. Here’s what we do know so far…

4th December:  Kirsty realised something was a little odd about the chart. There was hardly any established bands in the chart.   11th December: It got really weird, there was none! The Scottish top 40 was made of bands that we didn’t recognise. 19th December: Kirsty contacted the official chart company on asking for help and asking the question  ‘What has happened to the Scottish Chart?” 

Since then there has been a swell of interest and intrigue from people in the industry. For that we are truly thankful. Clearly we are not alone in wanting our chart back and proud to be one of the first, if not the first to notice there was an issue.

At chief radio we believe in supporting unsigned and unknown artists. We are one ourselves and we believe the Scottish chart should be played and supported in Scotland Loud and proud.

Basically all we want as a radio station and an unsigned artist, is for the Scottish chart to be reinstated. We are not the only ones to feel this way. Please support Chief Radio and Kirsty Baird and the music Scotland is buying and try to get the Scottish chart back and help make it more relevant to artists everywhere by signing the petition.