Join a Zoom choir now?

What is a zoom choir?

That is a really good question and basically it is the only tip of choir or singing that is allowed just now. So you are in the safety of your own home. You are muted so nobody can hear you but you can see the rest of the choir and the Directors and coaches who are teaching you the parts of the songs.

The idea is to be ready for our rescheduled Usher Hall show on Sunday 7th March. The parts are repeated and are also on our website recorded for you so you can hear how your part of the song goes.

We have a full membership and a part membership available as we appreciated that money may be a little tighter during quarantine. Full membership gets you access to your zoom choir, zoom bingo on a Friday access to the main members page where we have art, guitar, fitness and singing sessions. All members, coaches and Directors are on this page. The part membership gets you access to your choirs members page, the members part of the website and your zoom session.

We appreciate all our members support through lock down and because of it we are still here fighting to keep the business running and also providing music and keeping it as accessible as possible while giving on going support for members who are having a particularly tough time.

This has been a tough year for everyone and some more than others. Mental health has been greatly affected and the one thing we need to do most is connect with people and sing. Music heals, and singing immediately improves moods and relieves tensions. We have already donated over £5900 to SAMH during lockdown which takes the totally to over £25k donated. With Chief Radio we have donated 10 Alexa speakers to Care homes and when we are out of lock down we will continue to provide FREE pop up choir sessions, guitar classes and assisted singing places in our regular choirs. Along with all our members… We are more than a choir.

Email or call to book and get your zoom link.

This is what a zoom choir looks and sounds like for you.