I’m coming out – of Lock Down

Kirsty’s COVID19 experience in a podcast

I have never tried doing a podcast before, I didn’t really know what a podcast was but with a new Radio Station launching on the 27th July I decided to play with the software and practising mixing and talking. What would I talk about? The obvious choice was the last 4 months of quarantine.

So I selected about 45 minutes of songs that to me resonated with my experience of the quarantine and I used the songs and the music to guide me through my explanation of how I felt.

It’s not a perfect podcast (if there is such a thing) I don’t get all my words right. I sometimes fluff lines but its honest and is honestly how I felt over the last 4 months with the normal ups and downs like everyone had.

So now as that light at the end of the tunnel gets bigger and bigger I really do look forward but with the same apprehension as everyone else. What happens next?

I hope you and your family are all well and healthy. I hope your quarantine has been manageable and if it wasn’t I wish you all the love in the world to help you get over this.

I’m coming out – of Lock Down

Please tune in from the 27th July when we launch Chief Radio. We will have all sorts of music across decades and genres but also a huge focus on unsigned artists and our local communities. One of our shows is Rock the Care Homes. Two hours of 50s and 60s for your parents and grand parents to take them through their teenage years.

The cost of running a radio station is not cheap. Music, licenses, equipment to name but a few of the expenses. If you would like to help with the ongoing upkeep of Chief Radio here is the link. £5 will buy us 10 songs 🙂