Kirsty Baird and Annette Hanley, both Musical Directors of Sing in the City, a successful local choir have launched a charity song ‘Follow the Rainbows’. Inspired by their choir members, the song tells the story of their choir family coming together, overcoming their fears and insecurities and replacing these feelings with strength and positivity.

Launching on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and Google Play, Tik Tok etc. Available to download on Friday the 24th April 2020, 100% of the donations received from the download of ‘Follow the Rainbows’ and our fund raiser page will be donated directly to mental health charity SAMH (Scottish Association Mental Health).

The mental health charity SAMH has been selected as the beneficiary as Baird and Hanley believe that mental health will be greatly affected in the months to follow as a result of the virus COVID19 with many people suffering from anxiety which have never previously experienced this problem. 

Kirsty Baird says “It is well documented and has never been truer, that singing is a positive aid for good mental health which has been evident through how the choir members have adjusted and adapted during this difficult time. Even before the UK quarantine was put in place it was clear that the Sing in The City members were more afraid of the isolation than they were of the virus. Choir means more than just singing to our members, it is interaction, friendship and laughter and as quarantine began, normality was soon replaced with anxiety. Like all businesses and individuals, we have all adapted to the new norm. Sing in the City moved all rehearsal space online and created daily sessions to try and keep our members (their friends and families), engaged, together and connected.”

Sing in the City are asking supporters to spread the word and if you want to join us every Friday at 7pm on our Sing in the City Facebook page; for our live Girls Go live sing along – everyone is welcome!

We also have a Fund Raising page for anyone wanting to help support our chosen charity –