Follow the Rainbows charity single available for download NOW

You can now buy the brilliant Follow the Rainbows and also donate to charity at the same time as all proceeds from this single is going to SAMH (Scottish Association Mental Health) for the first 120 of release and then to our own Sing in the City Dreampot. The song was written by Hanley and the Baird (Kirsty and Annette, Musical Directors) and it went right into the Scottish charts at No 3 with no commercial radio play.

Listen to the song on Spotify or download from iTunes

This song was inspired by our Sing in the City members during the COVID19 quarantine. Some of the words used in the lyrics are their words that we collected during a choir zoom chat s we tried to stay connected. Kirsty says: I am sure the whole of the UK possibly has felt the way some of our members have felt during this pandemic, in fact the whole world possibly feels like “The greatest thing in life is people by your side”

We also have a fundraising page that raised £5440 in the first week.

You can also buy the song on Amazon Music, Google Play and it is available on Spotify and Tik Tok.

We would love you to support our Directors, members and the band at this time and please share this post with your friends, family and neighbours. It is a story that resonates around the world. Stay safe!