Chief Radio raises £200 for free Alexa speakers for care homes.

Sing in the City Director Kirsty Baird is launching our radio station on the 27th July. One of the shows will be Rock the Care home show. It will be on a Sunday morning between 10 and 12 and feature songs from the 50s and 60s for anyone that remembers or loves songs from those decades.

Kirsty funded the station in the first instance but running a radio station is costly and music, licenses, software and equipment will need to be constantly bought or updated. The first £200 of money donated is going to buy 4 smart speakers (Like Alexa) and to be donated to 4 care homes.

However, you don’t need a smart speaker you can just go to our website on your phone, laptop or tablet and click on the ‘Listen Live’ button. So anyone can join in with fun and sing along. We will take requests and encourage residents, carers and family members to send us Tweets, Facebook messages or texts.

If you would like to support Chief Radio please go to our crowd funding page and leave a donation. £5 alone will buy us 10 songs.

Kirsty decided to start her own station as it was something she had considered a few years ago. More recently it was born out of frustration after the Sing in the City band couldn’t get any commercial radio airplay when they had a No 3 single in the Scottish charts in April 2020 with Follow the Rainbows. As an unsigned and unknown band none of the Scottish stations would play the song and they feature the UK chart.

Along with the Sing in the City Dreampot, Chief Radio will work as a platform to help in community and provide opportunities for everyone to access music with free pop up choirs, free music and art lessons and a fully interactive Radio station where people can get in touch and feel a part of something special. Working with Hanley and the Baird band Chief Radio will support and promote unsigned artists and bands and get them airplay and people who will listen to their well crafted music.

The station launches on the 27th July 2020 and the first Rock the Care Home show will be on the 2nd August. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and if you would like to get involved please get in touch.

We look forward to welcoming you.