Community Friday Sing

The Musical Directors had a free Friday night so thought they would hire St Andrews and St Georges church on George St Edinburgh and roll out a brand new song to anyone who wanted to come along.

The idea behind it was just to get people out singing. 160 people turned up (30 of which were non Sing in the City members) to arrange a mash up of My sweet lord and Oh happy day. The MDs had 100 minutes to pull this together. Would they manage?

It’s a well known fact that singing is good for you. Music takes you to another place, another level that allows you space to forget your worries and focus on the positive in the here and now. Your mental and physical health and wellbeing can be improved with the help of other good people around you all taking part in a hobby that can be life changing. The people were from 16 different Sing in the City choir or didn’t know each other at all and they all came together for the same purpose… to sing.

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