When the cat and dog home announced that they were running short of food for their pet food bank, Aw Black and staff members Lesley Day asked if we could help.

So we put out a call to action, anyone wanting to donate some cat or dog food please bring something to choir. Members did this and the food filled 1 transit van and 4 cars!

Over £3000 worth of food for local cats and dogs.

Our team stayed and helped put all the food away which was a huge job. We then got a tour of the building and we met some of the cats and the dogs. Kirsty (Founder and Director) had been well warned by Annette (Director) under no circumstances bring home another animal.

This takes our charity amount to over £173,000 which we are sure you will agree, is quite amazing. We know the Edinburgh cat and dog home were thrilled.

The Sing in the City and Chief Radio team with their huge haul of pet food