Quarantine did not stop us singing or giving

We will be sending a cheque for £5900 to SAMH in the next couple of weeks. This money was raised during COVID19 quarantine when Sing in the City members, friend and family not only put the Hanley and the Baird Follow the Rainbows single at the No.3 position in the Scottish charts but also put their hands in their pockets and donated money to the Just Giving page.

The Directors moved all singing activity online and added new classes from keep fit to sketching. The whole team came together to create something totally unique, warm and welcoming. Instead of having 2 hours of weekly rehearsals, members had 15 hours where they could connect with their friends and coaches.

You can still buy and download Follow the Rainbows on iTunes, Amazon music or any other platform and all the money will now go to our own Sing in the City Dreampot to provide FREE music, singing and art classes. We are trying to keep music accessible to everyone. This song will continue to just keep on giving. Sing in the City to date have donated over £125,000. #teamgame