Our 2018 Award winners

More than a choir

Every December our members vote for other choir members.  They vote for members who have been there for them, who have supported them or just been a good friend.  Every following February we have an award party.

In 2019 the Jam House hosted our party and it was the biggest yet.  Over 300 members came to dance the night away to not only the house DJ but also the Hanley and the Baird band.

This was also the year we celebrated getting over the £100,000 charity donation point.  Sing in the City are incredibly proud of the amount of time we spend on social, community and charity and to get over that £100k mark was amazing.  We raised more £3240 just before Christmas collecting food for local foodbanks and we are about to donate another £1500 to CHAS from our January 2019 cake bake so our new total as of today is £105,573,09