Hen Party Activities

We travelled up to Aberdeen to provide a Hen Party workshop for Joni and her friends.

What is a Hen Party workshop I hear you ask?

The video on this post tells most of the story but basically we provide you and your friends with a good fun singing, dancing and performance 90 minutes. It dosn’t matter if you have a background or interest in singing. It dosn’t matter whether your hen weekend is going to revolve around prosecco, tutus, or art galleries. We will work around you and your weekend and your requirements to provide you with a really unique, good fun event.

We ask the group for suggestions of songs that mean something to the Bride and we select one that we think will work best with the age group. We will throw in some prizes and give the Bride a Sing in the City goodie bag. We will take photos and some videos for you to keep memories of the day forever.

Fill in our contact form below with as much information about what you are looking for and we will do the rest.

Joni’s Jonettes perform Living on a Prayer

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