We have raised over £100,000 for charity and community

We reached that magical number!

This has to be one of the things we are most proud of.  It is a really big deal and a really big number to reach.
The business and the members have donated large amounts of money to our Sing in the City Dreampot and this then gets donated to various charities. (See our charity page for more information).  Our audiences have always supported us and donated and along with money there is something else that we give and that is our time.
We pride ourselves on being inclusive, sociable, positive and community spirited and our MDs end up out one in 3 weekends per year with anyone who wants to come along to make sure are giving back.  It is very much a team game.

Thanks to everyone for making this possible and for your support. It is hugely appreciated and we can’t do this without each and everyone of you.

Anyone who wants to support us further can send us a cheque made out :

The Sing in the City Dreampot 

Sing in the City,

1/1 Lower Granton Road,


EH5 3RX.