Our new charity amount is over £90k

One of our latest fundraising was for SAMH.  April is our Birthday month, so we all our choirs took part in a school sports day themed week.  We had hula hoop competitions, dressed up and had a cake bake week.  We raised £1400 for this charity.

After this we moved on to getting our 6 teams ready for the Edinburgh marathon.  24 members took part in the Hairy Haggis relay and collectively raised £3130.  Our members chose the Alzheimers charity so all the money went there.

At our most recent show in the Festival Theatre we raised £1048 with the Sing in the City Aw Blacks and their audience which is going to be shared between Simpsons baby unit (Edinburgh) and No Limits sports club (Livingston).  This takes our total to over £90k

#singinthecity #morethanachoir