Sing in the City are coming to Livingston

This will Sing in the City's first choir in Livingston. We are now taking names for a FREE trial night, so what do you have to lose. Fill in the form on the 'Contact us' page or call our office…  Read more

Sing in the City Aw Blacks

This will be the Sing in the City Aw Blacks second visit to the Festival Theatre with the Hanley & the Baird band. The Aw Blacks are Kirsty Baird's first choir and has 49 members.  Some of the members go…  Read more

Sing in the City Lucky 7s @ Carnegie Hall Dunfermline

This will be Lucky 7s second show and as usual they will be supported by the Hanley & the Baird band (Sing in the City band). There will be songs from all decades and genres and also some original songs…  Read more

Sing in the City Perfect 10s @ Carnegie Hall Dunfermline

This is our second Dunfermline choir's first show so it's very exciting for them. They are a 60 strong choir and will have the Hanley & the Baird (Sing in the City band) band with them too.  Kirsty Baird the…  Read more

Sing in the City Staff Panto – Chieferella

This is our first Sing in the City staff panto. It is the brain child of Claire Miller who I am guessing is the Director (meaning we are actually going to let her boss us around).  It has been written…  Read more

Sing in the City Fivers @ Brunton Theatre

This is our very first visit to the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh with exception to a guest appearance in 2016 with other local choirs as pat of the Riding of the marches.   This visit will be our Musselburgh based…  Read more