Sing in the City Corries

Wednesday, 19:00-21:00

Kirk Loan Church Hall, Corstorphine
EH12 7HD

At our choirs there is no audition, you don’t need to be able to read music, just come along and join a choir.  You won’t regret it as we pride ourselves on our family and community feel at all rehearsals and events.  Contact us to book your free trial night now!  Either fill in the contact form or call our office 0131 552 3149.

You just have to find your way to one of our rehearsal spaces and you will be taken care of for the rest of the night.  You will be introduced to the Sing in the City team and then to a couple of members who will look after you at the rehearsal.  They will share their lyric sheets with you, introduce you to other members and help you find your feet.

We rehearse for 44 weeks of the year.

Our prices from April 2019:

Night Choirs

Monthly membership DD = £28.00 (£7.63 weekly)
Concession night monthly membership DD = £22 (Works out at £6 weekly)
Day Choirs
Monthly membership DD = £23.50 (Works out at £6 weekly)
Day Concession monthly membership DD = £20.50 (Works out at £5.59 weekly)


This is a video from 2018 with 6 Sing in the City choirs performing Caledonia at various events throughout the year.

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